Administrative control platform and monitoring indicators for the performance of a smart city.

The company is the exclusive authorized partner of SmartISCity Ltd. The SmartISCity platform is able to function as a single Dashboard to monitor the performance of a municipality by connecting different subsystems and offering a supervisory management tool for each municipal authority. Operating with the Software as a Service (SaaS) philosophy, it can meet the needs of every modern city (small or large), giving the municipal authority the ability to monitor real time the budget, the projects carried out in the municipality, come to the services of the Municipality etc.


Cloud service and management of applications and sensors to monitor the proper functioning of a city.

The company is the exclusive licensed partner of Incinity s.r.o and offers the INVIPO platform. The solution concerns the business level of a city as it manages sensors, systems and applications from a single control center.

The platform exploits the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, interconnecting citizens, processes, data and objects in order to monitor all the factors that affect the life of the city. The Platform supports management and monitoring solutions for the following applications:

  • dynamic parking management
  • remote control of street lights, LED lighting, net, wireless Internet access
  • collecting and managing environmental data from sensors
  • using video analytics
  • location and tracking of items (eg trash bins) and vehicles (garbage trucks)
  • monitoring smart cities
  • dynamic mass media management
  • management of meteorological stations and meteorological data
  • dynamic management of electronic signs
  • managing events on various streets (works, strikes, flea market etc)
  • traffic management
  • managing public gateways that provide citizens with access to online information from different data sources
  • management of access control systems for industrial areas or specific zones