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Latest News

31 Aug

The Ionian Islands Region has assigned to DOTSOFT S.A.- MEDIA SUITE association of companies the project « Information and awareness raising actions for integrated solid waste management at Ionian Islands Region»


The subject of the contract is to provide services for the specialization of regional communication strategy with the definition of communication plans and implementation of updating / awareness raising and information actions for citizens and producer groups of individual public and private waste streams for active participation on recycling, prevention and alternative waste management, throughout its Implementation Modules for Regional Waste Management Plans in the Ionian Islands for the period 2019-2020.

The total rendering of services consists of three stages:

1st Stage: Specialization of regional communication strategy ‐ Developing a Communication Action Plan with time and cost allocation.

2nd Stage: Implementation of the Communication Action Plan.

3rd Stage: Support to the Contracting Authority.



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06 Aug

DOTSOFT was commissioned to redesign the web portal of General Data Protection Regulation


The new implementation includes functionalities that ensure:

  •   the harmonious collaboration and operation between subsystems and applications
  •   the portability of applications
  •   better service to citizens and businesses on GDPR issues

Focusing on the artistic approach, modern web technologies will be used to show the identity and work of the General Data Protection Regulation.

In addition, τhey are foreseen:

  •  Harmonization with national legislation on essential requirements for portals and public sector electronic services such as L.4591 / 2019 (Government Gazette 19 / A / 12-02-2019)«Incorporation into the Greek legislation of the EU and Council Directive (2016/2102) of the European Parliament and  Council, of 26 October 2016, on websites and mobile applications accessibility for mobile devices of Public Sector organizations»
  • Harmonization with the W3C WAI 2.0. AA.
  • Subscribe in online newsletters
  • Interface with internal document and procedure management system and possibility of submitting incident notifications of violations, complaints, queries, registration / deletion of Data Protection Officers (DPO)

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29 Jul

New Smart Parking project comes to the Municipality of Pella


The Municipality of Pella assigned to Dotsoft the project entitled «Supply and installation of an integrated information system for free parking spaces using underground sensors». A modern and flexible Free Parking Information System will be implemented within the project.

The feasibility and the expected benefits are:

  • Complete and anytime supervision of parking spaces 
  • Improvement of traffic conditions
  • Stimulation of commercial traffic 

  • Better coordination of the Municipal Services work

The projects that will be carried out by DOTSOFT SA are:

  • Design, development, customization and installation services of mobile information services for free parking spaces

  • Installation of information signs, underground detection sensors for parking and transponder availability and Gateways for transmitting the status of parking spaces
  • Central Platform Development for the collection, analyzation, capture the total of data from the parking system and their availability through the API
  • Back Office software for the underground sensor of management system

  • Software testing and pilot application services in real-world operating conditions and statistics compilation from its use


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