Our company, taking into consideration the modern requirements, has created the IANOS product with which the municipality can at all times have information and detailed information on:

  • The analytical status of accounts in editable digital format.
  • Analysis of accounts by municipal apartment and by type of invoice, ie, lighting, buildings, water supply, irrigation, etc. 
  • Analysis of energy costs per cost center such as lighting, municipal buildings, sports facilities, etc.
  • Track changes in connection types by city district and by type of invoice.
  • Account tracking and labeling for large differences in consumption from expected.
  • Account tracking and labeling for large differences from year to year.
  • Identifying benefits that the municipality should not pay.
  • Finding charges that the municipality should not pay as City Fees.
  • Marking for connections that have zero consumption.
  • Finding consumption with excessive charges on the power side.
  • Checking whether the charges imposed on the municipality are correct.
  • Checking whether the benefits - links are on the correct invoice or if the municipality is overcharged by either the wrong invoice class or the incorrect entry of agreed power.
  • Keeping informed about which links are new and what are removed.
  • Tracking any changes and timely detection of potential problems, suspicious consumption, streams, possible leaks.
  • All energy and economic data relating to electricity.

Smart HAM devices

The HAM family of smart devices is designed to be remotely controlled electrical devices. Full remote control makes it possible to keep businesses at all times aware of the conditions prevailing in the workplace power consumption of their electrical appliances, save resources and reduce its emission of CO2.

System Advantages

The system stands out from all competing products and offers unique benefits:

✓ Check the operation of electrical appliances over the Internet
✓ Operation via a simple Wi-Fi router
✓ Monitor the power consumption of each device
✓ Energy savings and reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2)
✓ Easy to manage via app and Website
✓ Use Wi-Fi protocol
✓ Security (SSL / TLS)